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Welcome to the website of Sterling Leisure. For over 25 years we have been the Australian wholesale distributors of world renowned Cressi-Sub diving equipment and also for Faber, the number one name in steel diving cylinders.  We are very proud of our long association with these two famous companies.

For more background information on Cressi-Sub visit the new Cressi-Sub website. On their website you can find videos of their latest products, downloads of their catalogues, user manuals and much more. Not all the items in the Cressi-Sub range are available in Australia. For details of what is available please contact your local retailer or contact us.

Sterling Leisure also supplies Faber cylinders, accepted by many divers as the best steel diving cylinders available. For details on the cylinders available in Australia please contact your local retailer or contact us. For more information you can visit the Faber website.

We also carry products from several other companies whose details are also included in our website.

Please note that we are not a retail store and do not deal directly with the public. Please follow the Retailers Link for a retail store near to you.

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